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Media Kit

If you are interested in sponsoring one or both of the Cullen Racing Porsches, please send your contact information to

Articles featuring Cullen Racing

Daytona Press Release for Porsche Rennsport Reunion

Publications Covering Motorsports

Sponsorship is an effective way to publicly promote your company. Corporate logos postitioned on the cars enable your company to gain high-visibility at such events as PCA ClubRacing, CVAR and Vintage Racing. Additionally, many of these events are covered by trade publications such as Porsche Panorama, Excellence and Grassroots Motorsports. A feature article or name mention can significantly boost company name awareness. The following represents the subscription base for the three magazines mentioned above. This gives you an idea of typical viewership:

Porsche Panorama: 50,000
Excellence: 75,000
Grassroots Motorsports: 50,000

Other promotional items such as shirts, hats and uniforms bearing company logos can also be incorporated into your corporate marketing plan to broaden advertising exposure. CullenRacing also tapes each car race and these videos could be used for various corporate promotions and presentations.

Brand Loyalty

The following studies show how product sales and customer brand loyalty can be increased through sponsorship.

Percent of fans within each sport who claim to purchase a sponsor's product over a non-sponsor product.
Motor sports64%
PGA Golf47%
Major League Baseball38%
Pro Cycling38%
Source: Performance Research

Brand Loyalty: Fans who indicated they would purchase a sponsor's product over a non-sponsor's.
Nearly 48% of fans purchase products because of racing sponsorship.

Almost Always48%
Almost Never6%

Demographics of racing enthusiasts

Age: Over 64% are aged 25 - 49
Occupation: Over 82% are in managerial, sales, technical or professional positions
Education: Over 95% have attended college; 40% have gone on to post-graduate studies
Income: Over 88% have an annual income over $50,000 and 56% have an annual income over $75,000 and 31% have an annual income over $100,000

As you can see, sponsorship is just one way to gain company recognition. For those interested in sponsorship, customized plans can be developed for your particular needs.

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